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Pavlos Gypas
Luthier GR

Wonderful guitars, amazing work. Dimitris is really ahead of his time, always seeking perfection both in sound and esthetics. For sure his work is worth noticing and I am sure he has a lot to give in the evolution of guitar making In Greece. I am very happy for his achievements as he was an apprentice of mine for quite some years and I watched closely his career since. Wishing the best for your creations.



Born in Athens in 1973. Grew up in a family of woodworkers spending most of his childhood inside workshops. As a teenager he had some years of music studies and at some point those two worlds came together. That's when he took his first steps in building musical instruments. Eventually found his way to Greece's greatest luthier Pavlos Gypas' workshop where he was his apprentice and later co-worker for several years. The second person who acted as a teacher and mentor, up to this day, is master luthier Dominique Field. Both experts in building traditional classical guitars helped him shape his style in that very same direction. Since 2010 Dimitris keeps his own workshop in Athens Greece and his guitars can be found in guitar salons all over the world.


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87, PAPAGOU STR., 17343 AGIOS DIMITRIOS, ATHENS - GREECE // MOB: +306942581070
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